The submission should consist of a unique PDF file, containing the text and the figures, typeset from a standard LaTeX source. Using the LaTeX class amsart.cls is recommended. When preparing the LaTeX file, the use of BibTeX is highly recommended, but not mandatory. 

When the article is accepted, authors are kindly asked to prepare their article using the Algebraic Combinatorics LaTeX author's class available below, with references placed in a BibTeX file. This helps in keeping a consistent style for the journal, and making it sustainable by lowering production costs to a minimum.  
The relevant source files are available here:

We ask authors to respect the following instructions when preparing their articles :
  • for internal references use the commands \label, \ref, \eqref etc of LaTeX (no manual numbering !).
  • the list of bibliographic references must be placed in a specific file, in BibTeX format (extension .bib).
  • in the LaTeX file (extension .tex), references to citations must use the \cite command.
  • if a URL is cited, use the \url command like this : \url{}.
The file sample.tex (in which authors may copy the body of their article) contains an example of an article showing the use of different proposed environments. These environments must not be changed. Many comments are included to explain the commands. Users must use the functionalities of LaTeX for automatic updating of internal references (\cite, \ref, etc). 

The file biblio.bib (in which authors can place the bibliography of their article) shows how to write a reference list in "BibTeX" format. 

The file cedram-alco.cls must not undergo any changes or alterations. It must be put as is in the same directory as the article and the bibliography. 

Remark : the file sample.tex requires the AMS font package, as indicated in the comment lines. This package is available on the AMS website. The system is conceived to be used with pdflatex, to produce directly a PDF : All image formats must be compatible (do not use tools such as PStricks, psfrag, etc.). 

To obtain a file "sample.pdf" from the sample.tex file, after downloading the file cedram-alco.cls into the current directory, type (in this order) the following commands :
pdflatex sample.tex
bibtex sample.aux, or simply bibtex sample
pdflatex sample.tex
pdflatex sample.tex