The initial submission should consist of a unique PDF file, containing the text and the figures, typeset from a standard LaTeX source. Using the LaTeX class amsart.cls is recommended. When preparing the LaTeX file, the use of BibTeX for the references is highly recommended.

For special issues, papers will be judged using the usual standards of the journal, and undergo the normal editorial/refereeing process. In addition to submitting the paper using the above instructions, please also indicate during the submission process that the article is intended for a special issue, and specify for which one.

After acceptance of a paper, authors will be asked to prepare their article using the Algebraic Combinatorics LaTeX class available below, with references in a BibTeX file. Authors should read the detailed instructions while preparing their paper for publication. Authors should also be aware of the Journal Ethics and Editorial Policies.

The relevant source files are available here:

The file sample.tex (in which authors may copy the body of their article) contains an example of an article showing the use of different proposed environments. The file sample.bib (in which authors can place the bibliography of their article) shows how to write a reference list in "BibTeX" format. The files cedram-alco.cls and amsplain-ac.bst must not undergo any changes or alterations. They must be put as is in the same directory as the article and the bibliography to compile the document into a PDF file.

When preparing your article for publication, please pay special attention to the following specific instructions, as the production editors have noticed these points are commonly a source of problems:

  1. Do not modify any page geometry (e.g. margins), or any text sizes or fonts, from the journal's LaTeX style.
  2. Please copy the BibTeX entries for your references directly from MathSciNet, or, if you do not have access to MathSciNet, then from its free version MR Lookup or from zbMath. This ensures a consistent bibliographical style.
  3. If your article uses external figures (be they PNGs, JPGs, SVGs, PDFs, etc.), please put them all together in a folder named "figures." This will also require that you change all instances of \includegraphics{blah} to \includegraphics{figures/blah} in your main TeX file. When uploading the files for your article, please compress the figures folder into a ZIP file.
  4. Do not use any nonstandard, external LaTeX packages, and do not have your article split between multiple TeX files. When uploading the files for your article, the files you submit must be exactly the following:
    • main.tex (the LaTeX file for your article, prepared using the journal's style)
    • main.bib (the BibTeX file for your article, with entries copied from MathSciNet)
    • main.pdf (the compiled PDF file for your article)
    • (the compressed figures folder for article, if applicable)