This is the home page of Algebraic Combinatorics, an electronic journal of mathematics owned by its Editorial Board and Editors-in-Chief.

ScopeAlgebraic Combinatorics is dedicated to publishing high-quality papers in which algebra and combinatorics interact in interesting ways. There are no limitations on the kind of algebra or combinatorics: the algebra involved could be commutative algebra, group theory, representation theory, algebraic geometry, linear algebra, Galois theory, associative or Lie algebras, among other possibilities. The combinatorics could be enumerative, coding theory, root systems, design theory, graph theory, incidence geometry or other topics. The key requirement is not a particular subject matter, but rather the active interplay between combinatorics and algebra.

Algebraic Combinatorics adheres to the principles of Fair Open Access It is indexed by


e-ISSN: 2589-5486

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Quasihomomorphisms from the integers into Hamming metrics


On the cardinality of minimal presentations of numerical semigroups

Corrigendum to “Tropical Positivity and Determinantal Varieties”

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